Torque Release Technique (TRT)

TRT is the gentlest and most specific type of chiropractic adjustment possible, as it precisely pinpoints neurological imbalances and helps the body to heal itself.

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The history of chiropractic care is rich with a variety of innovative technology, groundbreaking approaches, and revolutionary techniques. One of the most frequently studied techniques is the Torque Release Technique, or TRT.  Drs. Anthony and Carissa are highly trained and experienced in the application of TRT adjustments, and consistently undergoes additional training and education to ensure that the best methods are utilized at At Last Chiropractic.

TRT is the gentlest and most specific type of chiropractic adjustment possible, as it precisely pinpoints neurological imbalances and helps the body to heal itself. Our team is consistently seeking out the latest in Torque Release Technique philosophy and practice, and we are happy to educate you on the technique and its benefits so that you can make the best decisions for your health. Regardless of why you’re seeking chiropractic care—whether to improve a current illness, decrease pain, recover from an injury, or simply improve overall health—visiting us at At Last Chiropractic in Lithia is a positive step towards a healthier life.

How Does TRT Work?

Torque Release Technique is unique among chiropractic techniques with its incredibly precise method of adjusting, and is the gentlest adjusting method out there. As with other techniques, TRT is non-invasive, specific, scientific, and drug-free. We use a small instrument called an Integrator to apply gentle adjustments to the spine to correct spinal misalignments. This helps to improve neurological imbalances and regulate the functions of the brain, spinal cord, and body systems, allowing your entire body to function more effectively. This method of adjustment requires no twisting, cracking, or popping, making it the preferred chiropractic technique at At Last Chiropractic.

How Does TRT Improve Your Spine?

TRT adjustments send a slight impulse by apply a gentle pressure to move vertebrae. This moves the nerves and muscles surrounding the spine, allowing them to release tension and encouraging your body to bring your spine back into proper alignment. When your spine is free from misalignments, there are no interruptions in the communication between the brain and body, leading to better long-term health and more effective self-healing capabilities. The Torque Release Technique improves body function as well as overall health, and it can bring about pain relief and discomfort from other illnesses.

Is TRT Safe for Kids and Seniors?

Our chiropractic techniques are safe for people of all ages, and we encourage the entire family to come visit us. With its gentle application, people of all ages can benefit from TRT adjustments, from newborns to the elderly. We use the minimal amount of force necessary in each adjustment, and every adjustment is non-invasive and very specific.  We love seeing infants, parents and grandparents in our practice!

How Long Will It Take to Notice the Effects of TRT?

Every individual differs in how quickly their body responds to TRT chiropractic adjustments. Some people will notice immediate results as their body systems restore proper function, while others will need multiple adjustments before they begin experiencing more signs of health. This overall approach to health encourages your body to continue improving tonal balance and self-healing properties even after you finish your visit at At Last Chiropractic.

Webster Technique
for Pregnant Women

Many recipients of the Webster technique are women past the first trimester of their pregnancy. As the fetus increases in size, the placenta and uterus can place torsional stress upon the sacrum, causing subluxations. This effect can greatly reduce the energy, health and mobility of the mother while causing pain.

By applying opposing pressure to the lower pelvic region, gentle adjustments can be used to restore optimal sacrum positioning and reduce adverse effects of subluxations. Many mothers report feeling relief and a less unpleasant pregnancy as a result. Drs. Anthony and Carissa love the webster technique because it can help you feel more comfortable through the pregnancy, and prepare you for the birthing process.

How Does the Webster Technique Work?

At Last Chiropractic proves a careful exam of the resting posture of the patient along with any restricted movement through advanced assessment technology. Any abnormalities in the position of the pelvic region or lower back can commonly be attributed to subluxations in the sacrum, the “tail” end of the spine that includes the coccyx. By restoring proper positioning through gentle adjustments, optimal spinal alignment can be restored to improve mobility as well as neural functioning and potentially reduce pain.

Webster Technique and Breech Position

Dr. Larry Webster, founder of the Webster technique, originally developed his method in order to treat pregnancies presenting a breech position, where the baby was oriented feet-first towards the birth canal rather than head first as it should have been. His belief was that pelvic and sacral adjustments could help properly realign the fetus out of breech position. We recommend that any pregnant mothers who wish to receive Webster method adjustments, especially to support a successful birth, should do so within a complete care plan that includes regular visits in order to monitor both the health of the baby and yourself.

The At Last Chiropractic team loves prenatal chiropractic care, and we would love to be your Tampa and Lithia prenatal chiropractors. We are certified in delivering care through the Webster technique in order to improve the health of pregnant mothers and their growing babies. If you are an expectant mother in the Tampa, Lithia or Fish Hawk, FL areas, discover how our chiropractic care can help improve your pregnancy.

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