Arthritis affects over 54 million people in America, making it the leading cause of disability in our nation. Despite how prevalent this condition is, some people are still not sure what arthritis means. Arthritis is the inflammation of joints. This term comes from the Greek words, ‘arthro-’ (joint) and ‘-itis’ (inflammation of). There are over 100 different types of arthritis, while the two most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. If you suffer from arthritis, you may want to know about natural treatment options available. Keep reading to discover the top benefits of chiropractic for people living with arthritis.

A Natural Treatment Option

Chiropractic care is a great option to help manage arthritis and achieve natural pain relief. When you visit your local chiropractor, they will create a customized treatment plan for your specific needs. This will likely include chiropractic adjustments, as well as other healthy suggestions to better manage arthritis. These skilled doctors perform safe, gentle, and natural adjustments that are effective without drugs. This is much different from traditional health care that focuses on treating pain symptoms with prescription opioids and other pain medications. Not only are these medications costly, they also have harsh side effects, such as addiction, digestive issues, blurry vision, headaches, and even anemia.

On the other hand, chiropractic adjustments are all-natural. These adjustments reduce joint and spine misalignments, which reduce joint inflammation and improves the joints and nervous system’s functions. By improving joint mobility and the nervous system’s ability to communicate with the body, the body can then better manage arthritis symptoms.

Reduce Your Pain

Since pain is a common symptom of arthritis, it’s important to note that chiropractors can help you obtain pain relief. Chiropractors perform chiropractic adjustments that properly realign the spine. This process allows the nerves in the spine to send proper signals to the brain, which helps balance chemical productions that are responsible for sending pain signals. In turn, this will reduce how the body conveys pain, which helps you start experiencing natural pain relief.

Reduce Your Muscle Tension

A misaligned spine usually causes a patient’s muscles to hold pressure. This is due to joint inflammation, which those living with arthritis know all about. Chiropractors can perform manual adjustments to properly align the spine. The end result is a healthy and properly aligned spine that will release any built-up muscle tension.

Improve Your Range of Motion

Anyone with arthritis knows how stiff and uncomfortable your joints can feel. Chiropractors can help address these health issues associated with arthritis. Specifically, chiropractors will perform a chiropractic adjustment to improve the motion of your spine, hips, and shoulders. This will restore your spine back into proper alignment and improve your range of motion. With improved mobility, patients will benefit from less stiffness and tension in their joints.

If you have arthritis, chiropractic is an excellent all-natural treatment option. You may find that holistic care is a good supplement to your current health plan or may become your primary treatment. Our team at At Last Chiropractic in Lithia, FL would love to help you achieve optimal health through our principled, neurologically-based chiropractic care.