As the summer months are rapidly approaching, many people are looking for ways to stay healthy and fit as the weather heats up. Also, tons of people will be packing up their car and heading out for fun vacations with their families. 

In this post, we’ll review our top three tips for staying healthy during your busy summer, despite being away from home and out of your healthy routine!

Why Worry About Summer Travel?

Unfortunately, many people suffer from injuries and weight gain while away on summer vacation. This can happen for a variety of reasons. For instance, you may be indulging in some extra drinks or food while away, justifying these actions by proposing that you’ll “get back to it” when you get home. 

As is always the case, though, it’s much harder to lose weight or “unlearn” bad habits than it is to simply maintain your progress while away. So, keep that in mind while reading through our top tips for summer travel. You may not get to eat dessert every night while you’re on your summer vacation, but you’ll be much happier and healthier when you get back home!

Tip #1: Don’t Eat At Restaurants

When you’re away from home, it can be tempting to eat at restaurants for every meal. While it may not be realistic to cook every meal in your rental property or hotel, it’s a good idea to cook as much as you can.

Cooking your own food allows you to more easily track what you are consuming in terms of both calories and nutrients. This enables you to more easily stay on track when you’re out on the road.

Of course, you should probably set aside one day to go grab ice cream with the family. No summer vacation is complete without a little bit of ice cream!

Tip #2: Continue to Exercise

Just because you aren’t at home with your usual gym equipment and exercise routine, this does not mean you should fall off the exercise wagon. There are always ways to get a quality workout, no matter where you are.

For example, you could do some pushups, situps, and go for a long walk to start each day. Better yet, you could encourage your friends and fellow travelers to join you in your morning workouts. In this way, you’ll keep yourself and everyone around you on track while you’re away.

In the end, if the only exercise you get on your trip involves walking and performing some light stretches, you’ll still be keeping yourself fit and maintaining your progress until you return back home to reality. But the more exercise you can do while you’re away, the better.

Tip #3: See Your Chiropractor Before Heading Out

If you know when you’re leaving for vacation, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor right before you head out. This will ensure that your spine is in good alignment before you get into a car, plane, bus, or train for many hours on end. You’ll be able to ride the good feeling of your chiropractic visit all the way to your final destination.

Then, when you return, you’ll want to schedule another treatment session to address any issues you might have encountered while away.

Summertime travel is full of fun and possibility. But traveling during the summer months can put you at risk for injury, and it can knock you off track for accomplishing your health goals. For this reason, it’s a good idea to visit your go-to Lithia chiropractor at At Last Chiropractic before and after your trip to get a tune-up. Book your appointment now!