If you can believe it, Thanksgiving 2022  is almost here. This means that, soon enough, families all across the country will be getting together to celebrate this holiday.

Unfortunately, many people tend to over-indulge in thanksgiving foods. The allure of the second slice of pumpkin pie and the extra scoop of stuffing is hard to resist!

That being said, there are a number of ways you can prioritize your health this thanksgiving, while still enjoying the holiday to the fullest. 

Tip #1: Don’t Go Back for Seconds

One of the easiest ways to limit the quantity of food you consume at Thanksgiving is to hold yourself to the “one plate only” rule. This means that whatever you get on your first trip around the buffet, is all you get. No exceptions.

This is a great way to practice self-control and planning ahead. If you want to try a little bit of everything, make sure you leave room on your plate!

Tip #2: Get Some Exercise In

While much of the Thanksgiving holiday is spent sitting around the table, swapping stories, there will be time to get up and move around. You should make the most of this time by going for a light walk, or participating in some other form of casual exercise.

Plus, around this time of year, the scenery is usually exceptionally beautiful. So get out there and enjoy it!

Tip #3: Go for Greens

While much of the Thanksgiving fare tends to be brown, you should attempt to seek out as many veggies as you can. Vegetables serve as low calorie, very filling options at the dinner table. This way, if you really feel the need to gorge yourself, you can do so in a way that won’t cause you to gain weight or feel sluggish.

If there are no green dishes planned for the holiday, you can be the one to bring the salad! While you might be the only one who touches it, you can rest easy in the fact that you were looking out for your health and the health of everyone else at the party as well.  

Tip #4:  Avoid Sauces

Another way to save calories at the thanksgiving table is to skip the sauces and gravy as much as possible. These toppers add tons of unnecessary calories which can push you towards weight gain, if you’re not careful.

Tip #5: Reduce Your Stress

Try as you might, you may be unable to avoid falling into a political dispute with your aunt this year at Thanksgiving. If this (or anything else associated with the holiday) stresses you out, be sure to take steps to manage your stress. Make certain that you take time to meditate or do whatever else works for you to keep calm in a stressful situation. And remember: no matter how stressful the day is, soon enough, it will be over and you’ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Tip #6: Schedule a Trip to the Chiropractor

As the holiday season gets into full swing, you’re likely to be extremely busy with work, company, and everything else going on in your life. However, you should be sure to take some time to prioritize your own health. 

One of the best ways to do this is to schedule a visit or two with your chiropractor in advance. This way, you’ll make sure you have an appointment in place to keep you feeling good as you navigate the stressful, fun, and altogether crazy time that is Thanksgiving.

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