Ear infections are a horrible process for children to have to go through and for parents to have to witness. Luckily these painful afflictions will, in many cases, resolve without any intervention.

Your child’s body is fully capable of dealing with the pathogens that cause ear infections if it is only given a chance to do so. This is where chiropractors come into play. Chiropractic treatment assists your child’s immune system in clearing ear infections so that they can return to a pain-free life. How do chiropractic treatments accomplish this task? More broadly, what are ear infections and how do they develop? Let’s take a look!


What Exactly is an Ear Infection?

As basic as the question may sound, the exact mechanism of an ear infection (aka otitis media) is more complicated than one may assume.

Generally, when a child (or anyone, for that matter) becomes ill due to an infection, some of the virus or bacteria particles that caused the infection can make their way to the middle portion of the ear. If the passageways from the middle ear to the throat are blocked with fluid, the pathogens can begin to multiply in the ear. Once this happens, the patient may start to experience pain, pressure, fever, and/or other symptoms.


How Are Ear Infections Treated?

Frequently, ear infections will require no treatment whatsoever. Within a day or two, the patient’s immune system will deal with the infection, and slowly, symptoms will begin to decrease. In some cases, doctors may prescribe antibiotics in an effort to aid the body’s immune system in dealing with the infection. Unfortunately, antibiotic resistance and other issues have led to concern amongst parents and some providers over the past few years about the over-prescription of these medications.

Another option for treatment, which requires no medicine, is chiropractic care.

Skilled chiropractors can perform specific adjustments on the patient which serve to open up the fluid-filled canals harboring the infection. From here, the patient’s body is generally able to deal with the infection and will feel better soon after.


Do Children Get Ear Infections More Often Than Adults?

Indeed, children are more susceptible to ear infections than adults. The reason is multifactorial:


  • Children tend to get sick more frequently than adults as a result of not having a fully developed immune system. Therefore, viruses and bacteria tend to linger in their systems for longer periods.
  • The eustachian tubes (the canals that connect the middle ear to the throat) in children are not as robust as those found in adults. This means that they can become more easily clogged.


Is Chiropractic Care Too Rough for Children?

Pediatric chiropractic care is designed specifically for children. Chiropractors who specialize in the treatment of younger patients do not use the same amount of force or even the same treatments as they would on an adult. 

The purpose of all chiropractic care is to provide individualized treatment which is specific to the patient’s goals. If the patient is an NFL linebacker with low back pain, he is going to receive much different treatment methods than would a young boy who has an ear infection. Therefore, parents should not be concerned that chiropractors will injure their children during treatment. All plans of care are tailored specifically to the patient in question.

How Can I Find a Chiropractor Who Treats Ear Infections?

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